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  • The majority of researchers in Egypt are working individually and they are unfamiliar with the real needs/problems of industry in their areas of interest because the academic culture does not see technology transfer and commercialization as “legitimate” activities.
  • In the mean time, the private sector and business community have not yet promoted to the level of ambitions in view of technical facilities and available technologies.
  • On the contrary, in the world, the academic and business worlds have different ideas about technology transfer: different short- and long-term visions, different expectations about how resources should be used, and different priorities when it comes to meeting shared targets. The aim was to find ways to improve the mechanisms for transferring the results of R&D performed at research institutes to the private sector.
  • Therefore, we should change the methodologies of R&D – industry interaction aiming at providing industry with ready-to-implement technologies as well as helping the industrial sector to identify the best way to collaborate with them in order to create strong, coherent and sustainable relationship. This challenge could not be achieved without creating offices for marketing and commercialization of the R&D deliverables, to promote the process of technology transfer while keeping the IPR of the inventors as well as support technology innovation and creating grants and international cooperation that help in developing the Egyptian industry.
  • For these reasons, CMRDI perfectly fits with the requirements and the objectives of the initiative of the Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT) to help us to establish the Technology Innovation Commercialization Office (TICO) which includes;
  1. Technology Transfer Office (TTO),
  2. Grants and International Cooperation Office (GICO), and
  3. Innovation Support Center (TISO).
  • In CMRDI we strongly believe in that, establishing TICO will represent a real and concrete chance to strengthen the relation and enhance the effective cooperation between CMRDI and industry and business community in Egypt.


TICO Manager

Prof.Dr.Nagui A.Abdel-Khalek

E-mail: naguialy@yahoo.com OR naguialy@gmail.com



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