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CMRDI is a research centre affiliated to the State Ministry of Scientific Research. The mission of the institute is to contribute to the national economy and the welfare of the society by improving the Egyptian industry through technological development and technology transfer. The objective is to upgrade the technical capabilities for the development, the design and the manufacturing of new value-added products. CMRDI has closed links with the industry and often collaborating within R&D projects as well as offering consultancy and technical services, training, testing and certification.
Its services have always been focused on the actual demands of its clientele and overall needs of the industry rather than technological push. CMRDI is currently focusing on achieving the following goals to benefit the Egyptian economy:
Developing products and production processes,
 Replacing the imports by local substitutes,
 Maximizing the utilization of mineral and secondary resources,
 Contributing to the knowledge in materials science and technology.
CMRDI’s objectives is to satisfy the demand of the local market and create applicable products for the society. All the collaborations and the different services provided by CMRDI enables the institute to gain further knowledge and to transfer relevant technologies to the Egyptian, African and Middle- Eastern industries.

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