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Alliance for Metallurgical Industries

Project Name:

“National Alliance for Knowledge and Technology for Deeping of Local Manufacturing of Mineral and Metal Products in the Egyptian Industries”

Funding Agent:

Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT).


Contracting Research Institute:

Central Metallurgical Research and Development Institute (CMRDI)                                             

Principal Investigator (PI): Prof. Dr. Nagui Aly Abdel-khalek









Project Tracks:

the project has 6 parallel tracks that cover different sectors of the Egyptian industry. These tracks are:

Track 1: Production of cheap fertilizers from concentrates of low grade phosphate ores.

Track 2: Production of metallic spare parts for different industrial sectors.

Track 3: Deepening the local manufacturing of highly demanded medical products.

Track 4: Production of high purity pig iron from rolling mill scale.

Track 5: Local manufacturing of fully imported special steel products for the Egyptian market.

Track 6: Manufacturing of extrusion dies by powder technology.

Reports Submitted

  • First Progress Report
  • Second Progress Report

 Visits & Meetings

Visit of research team to the mines of phosphate at El-Nasr Mining Company.

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