Why Choose TICO
  • CMRDI has wonderful technical facilities to characterize any materials using chemical, physical and mechanical investigations.
  • CMRDI has special department (Mineral Processing Technology) for evaluating, beneficiation, upgrading and processing of any ore and minerals to produce value-added products on both bench and pilot plant facilities. CMRDI is the only institute in Egypt, which  has complete pilot plant facilities for treatment of any minerals.
  • CMRDI has special workshop for foundry that enable to produce any spare-parts for machines of different production lines in factories.
  • CMRDI can send its technical teams for the sites in companies for investigation of welding and failure analysis.
  • CMRDI has unique lab. for laser and 3D printing that enable to produce prototypes for different industrial sectors and well as for medical purpose.
  • CMRDI presents different facilities such as consultations, as well as local and international training programs for upgrading the skills of human resources.
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